The Church of the heavenly Christianity is a church revealed in 1947 to the minister Samuel Bileou Joseph Oshoffa 1909-1985 in republic of Benin. It is a revealed church where from laws and rules which govern her(it) were dictated by the spirit gradually from 1947 to 1985. For more detail to consult < < light on the heavenly Christianity > >

For your information this text is intended to light(enlighten) you on rules and laws which govern the functioning of The church. The main document which we use is the BIBLE LOUIS SEGOND version AND < < LIGHT ON THE HEAVENLY CHRISTIANITY > >
We would try to speak to you about our cults, and to explain you with biblical verses RULES AND LAWS. But before becoming Christian heavenly it is necessary be baptized and to know how to pray. It is for it that we shall begin with the necessity of the baptism and the prayer.


The Church of the heavenly Christianity baptizes his(her) believers(regular customers). Baptism is the first sacrament of the church of the heavenly Christianity. It is an individual commitment to serve and to love DIEU.C is to take the commitment to regret and to be born again. To be born again it is to release itself from the bad life and to take the resolution not to hurt any more and to love his(her) fellow man as or even. (To read Jean 3-3à13.) < <. Jesus answered: Really really I say it to you, if a man does not arise from water and from spirit, he can not enter the kingdom of God. > >
Arise from water and from spirit it is to baptize. It is the symbol to die with Jesus Christ and to resuscitate with him; Roman 6 1-4 < < Ignore you that we what had been baptized in Jesus figure of Christ, it is in the death that we were baptized? We were buried with him by the baptism in the death, so that, as Christ is resuscitated by the deaths by the glory of the father, also we even we walked(worked) in novelty of life. >>

In the Church of the heavenly Christianity, it is indispensable to baptize as Jesus was him(her,it) in the Jordan. (Math3 13-17) We preach so baptism by dumping.
The one that is not baptized in the church of the heavenly Christianity can not carry(wear) the soutane and can not either commune(receive Communition) or read biblical readings or make prayers during cults. Indeed Jesus gave mission to his apostles to go to baptize and to make nations of the Christians frees(franks). Marc16-15à20 < < Then he says to them: Go by everybody, and preach good short story(piece of news) in all the creation. The one that will believe and that will be baptized will be saved, but the one that will not believe will be condemned. Here are the miracles which will accompany those that will have believed: in my name, they will hunt(chase away) the devils; they will speak about new languages; they will seize snakes; if they drink some mortal breuvage, it(he) will not make them any evil; they will impose hands on the patients and the patients will be cured. > >

After the baptism the new heavenly Christian can so participate in all the activities of the Church with as much success as Christ if he has faith.
Those who received baptism in the other namings, have to they baptize inevitably in the Church of the heavenly Christianity?

Naturally. The baptism which you had received in the other churches is not taken into account in the church of the heavenly Christianity because it is the new alliance that you make with figure of Christ in a new church.
Second stage is so to learn to pray to pull(fire) a better part of the baptism.


Prayer is the only means of communication with God. It is an intercession towards God to ask him(her) for those that we need. Jesus learnt us to pray. When the apostles ask him(her) to teach them to ask it(he) their learnt, the prayer which became the prayer of all the Christians. To read Mathieu 6 5-13
< < Here is so how you have to pray: Our father who is in heavens … … power and glory > >
In the Church of the heavenly Christianity any prayer begins with the evocation of three name saints namely : JEHOVAH JESUS CHRIST ET SAINT MICHEL. JEHOVAH is the name of the father Jesus CHRIST the name of the Son and holy Michel the angel who steers the heavenly army. When we call upon the name of the father and the son we have to have the forehead(front) against earth(ground)? We raise(find) the head in the invocation of holy Michel who is an angel, god's instrument as we.


We pray not to fall in the temptation because often, we are delivered to the greeds of the world which take away us from God. By the prayer so, let us approach God in the humility and we shall obtain the forgiveness of our sins. It(he) will strengthen us by the power of the Holy Spirit to take out victorious in the last day in the name of Jesus our rescuer.
( BE. 1 towards. 8 - 1 STONE 4 towards. 7 - 9 - 1 STONE 5 towards. 5 in 11 - 2 STONE 5 towards. 8 - JOEL 2 TOWARDS 28 AND 29 towards. 32-CHECKMATE. 26 towards. 36 in 44)


It is advised to pray ceaselessly, at any time and relentlessly, because evil spirit knowing our weaknesses, always tries to divert(hijack) us some way of God.
( DANIEL 6 TOWARDS 10 - PS. 119 towards 164 - 1 TH. 5 towards. 17)


You can pray everywhere, to you, in transport or in The church.
The main thing is that you can daily ask your God.


God knowing our thoughts, when we pray, it is good not to multiply empty words as the Lord teaches him(it) to us in: CHECKMATE. 6 towards. 7 - 12 - JEANS 4 towards. 23 and 24. So, we advise to be humble in the prayer. (LUC 18 towards. 9 in 14.



Jéhovah, Jesus Christ, Saint Michel. Father, that your name is blessed.
Eternal, we thank you for having given ourselves the occasion to be in your feet.
Lord, take pity of us and forgive us for our sins.
Wash us of our stains to be closer of you.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
AMEN (3 times) in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jéhovah, Jesus Christ, Saint Michel. Eternal, that your name is rented(praised).
Father look at us this morning ( this evening) with pity because we sinned.
Forgive for us and sanctify us.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
AMEN (3 times) in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Jéhovah, Jesus Christ, Saint Michel. Lord, that your name is blessed.
Eternal, you are big chiefly.
Lord, strengthen us by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Drive(guide) our life by your light and assist us all days.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
AMEN (3 times) in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jéhovah, Jesus Christ, Saint Michel. Father, glory to you in the highest of heavens.
Eternal, we are weak for your works.
Lower(go down) your force and your power in us.
Light(enlighten) the church in the world and assist us in front of the forces of the evil.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
AMEN (3 times) in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Jéhovah, Jesus Christ, Saint Michel. Father, that your name is blessed.
Eternal God of power, force and light, that your name is rented(praised).
Lord, fights for us all the difficulties.
Free(deliver) us works of the devil and protect us against bad lots(fates).
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
AMEN (3 times) in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jéhovah, Jesus Christ, Saint Michel. Lord, that your name is rented(praised).
Father, we ask you, look at us in our weaknesses and fights for us on all the plans.
Free(deliver) us from the net of the malicious and protect us against temptations.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
AMEN (3 times) in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


This one consists in presenting to God the prayers of the brother and the sister which preceded us so that it(he) blesses them in our favour. More question to redo a prayer parallel to those that were already said

Jéhovah, Jesus Christ, Saint Michel. God d' Abraham, of Isaac, Jacob.
Father, that your name is glorified by generation in generation.
Eternal, source of enjoyment and peace, bless the prayer of your children who preceded me.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
AMEN (3 times) in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jéhovah, Jesus Christ, Saint Michel. Father, that your name is blessed.
Eternal, you are big chiefly.
That is why, I ask you to bless all the prayers before me so that we are in enjoyment to serve you.
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
AMEN (3 times) in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


In a common week the Church of the heavenly Christianity celebrates six cults on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. During the first week of every month a cult of worship is celebrated on Thursday at midnight in supplement of the other cults.
Except the aforesaid cults of the actions of grace(favour) is made all the 3heures is 6 hr, 9 hours, 12 hours, 15 hours, 18 hours, 21 hours and 00 hours every day. Psalm 119 verse 164 < < seven times in the daytime I celebrate you because of the laws of your justice > >


There are two cults which are organized every Wednesday: the cult of happiness and the cult of action of evening grace(favour)


The cult of happiness is celebrated every Wednesday in the morning in 10heures precise.
Which is the purpose of this cult?
It is the cult which gives possibility to each of coming to ask for God what one needs in a particular way. It is necessary to come constantly until the obtaining of what one needs and that walks(works).

Which kind(genre) of public finds-t-on in this cult?

Most general public, it is especially the women or the people in search of offspring.
The entrepreneurs, the storekeepers, the pupils and the students or every person who has a particular problem to be subjected to GOD is invited to this cult.

What needs - it(he) to bring to this cult?

By coming to this cult it is necessary to bring three sorts of fruits a bottle of water and to buy on the spot a candle. An exhibition is made in yard of this cult and in the end you will take the bottle of water and some fruits for the personal consumption.


This cult is every celebrated on Wednesday evening in 19heures precise.
Which is the purpose of this cult?

This cult is a common cult of thanking to God. It(he) contains as all the common cults two parts. A first part which concerns worship and preaching; And a second part which concerns individual intercessions for the believers(regular customers) in the end of the cult. (Individual Prayers, reception of the new, conversation(maintenance) of the former(ancient).)

For which public?

Everybody without exception is invited to this cult.


On Friday two cults are organized at 13 hr (or 12 hours according to time zone of every country,) called Cult of sanctification and force and in 19heures in the evening the cult of action of evening grace(favour).


It is the cult which is made as a rule in the square (garden for opened sky symbol of the forest in which the Minister seer with receipt power the 25 / May 1947 in the village of agongueh in Benin).
Which is the purpose of this cult?
The objective of this cult is the sanctification of the participants to predispose them to receive the different spiritual gifts(donations) which are obvious in the Church of the heavenly Christianity. And that walks(works).
Several persons by coming to this cult received the gifts(donations) of predictions and visions. Several other gifts(donations) as supernatural cure preaching, dreams difference are common(current) in this cult. It is as well during this cult that the new dreamers and the seers are formed. It is moreover for it that one appeal this cult, the cult of the dreamers.

Which public is invited?

Every good Christian aware(conscious) of the sinner's mission of man has to go to this cult to hatch and perfect the spiritual gifts(donations) which God put in each of us.

What needs it(he) to bring to this cult?
For this cult which is followed by exhibition, it is asked every participant to bring three sorts of fruits in quantity a bottle of water, a raw egg, some honey and a candle. After the exhibition the participant resumes his bottle of water that he drinks a part on the spot and the rest to him, the raw egg is consumed during the session of prayer and fruits are distributed for consumption.
It is necessary to note that fruits are regrouped in the middle of the square during the cult.
NB: In Europe considering the climate this cult is celebrated in the temple. Certain parishes do not use any more fruits, honey and raw egg. Our advice(council) is to follow the capacities of the responsibles for your parishes.
It is necessary to note also that the cult of force is celebrated according to the will of the responsibles for parish and considering the constraints of every country is Friday harms or Saturday harm.


The evening cult of Friday is identical to the cult of on Wednesday evening completely of seen. The only important detail that it is necessary to underline is that all the cults of Friday are made without chairs. All the participants have to sit down on the ground, because it is on Good Friday that Jesus was crucified.


Sunday is the 7éme in the daytime of the week, it is a day of rest reserved for God's worship. Exodus 20 verses 9 - 11 < < You will work six days, and you will make every tone work. But the seventh day is the day of rest of the Eternal, your God: you will not make any work, either you or your son or your daughter, or your servant, or your handmaid, or your cattle, or the foreigner who is in your doors. Because in six days the Eternal made heavens, earth(ground), sea and all which is contained there, and it(he) rested(based) the seventh day: that is why the Eternal blessed the day of the rest and sanctified it. > >
In respect for this divine command there are two cults which are organized in the Church of the heavenly Christianity on Sunday. The morning in ten (10 a hour) a hours big cult of thanking and worship dedicated to the Lord and the evening in 18heures cults of thanking and action of grace(favour).


It is a big cult of thanking and god's worship. It(he) is celebrated in the morning in 10heures clarify.

Which is the purpose of this cult?

This cult is intended to thank the Lord. During this cult the patients can find also cure. Miracles can occur during this cult.

Which public?

Everybody is invited, getting on heavenly or simple Christian or guest.

What needs - to it(him) to bring?
Nothing otherwise the heart to God. On the other hand after the cult you will be able to consult the Lord by means of the seers and the dreamers
Mutual prayers are organized among the participants.


It(he) is completely identical from sight to the cults of Wednesday and on Friday evening. Only difference is that the cult of on Sunday evening is celebrated in the big altar as that of on Sunday morning and it(he) begins one hour rather in, 18heures. (In France)


It is a special cult called also cult of the new moon. 00 hour is celebrated at midnight. Ezéchiel 46: verse 1 - 4 < < The door of the internal square, towards(as for) the east, will remain closed six workdays; but she(it) will be opened the day of the Sabbath (on Sunday), she(it) will be also opened the day of the new moon (first Thursday of the month. > >

Which is the purpose of this cult?

It is a cult filled(performed) with worship where one comes at first to thank God for having us to keep(guard) during the previous month. It is necessary particularly to confide to God our projects for all current month.

Which public guest?

All the heavenly, getting on Christians, and guests.

What is it necessary to bring to this cult?

It(he) is recommended of brought all the objects to be used during the month; Water, flavor, soap, toweling, candles etc. these objects are exposed(explained) during the cult. After the cult you take your objects for custom(usage) to you during the month.
There are certain cults about which we shall not speak here which are particular cults for exceptional events. It is about cults, about the celebration of pâques, about the nativity (Christmas), of the new year, of requiem of the laying of first stone and the marriage.


All these cults play an important role in the life of heavenly Chrétien. It is for it that to benefit from these cults there are prescriptions to be respected.
We shall speak about rules bound(connected) to the physical sanctification and the forbidden. Finally we shall speak about the disposal of the altar and about its composition then the tithe.


Rules bound(connected) to the physical sanctification are forbidden relative in menstruation of the woman(wife), to the sex, to the eaten and to the drink.


The woman(wife) for his(its,her) menstrual period is impure. She(it) will refrain during this period from flow of blood to come to the Parish during (7 seven) days. The eighth day she(it) will wash himself with some water mixed with a lot of flavor before going(surrendering) to the parish where will be made for him(her) a prayer of sanctification to make her(it) pure. Lévitique 15 verses 19 < < The woman(wife) who will have a stream, a stream of blood in the flesh, will stay seven days in its impurity … v25. The woman(wife) who will have a stream of blood outside his(its,her) regular times, or the stream of which will last more than in the common, will be impure during all the time of its stream as in the time of its menstrual indisposition > >

After the childbirth(delivery) a woman(wife) is impure. She(it) will stay at her(it) during 40 days. In case of false coat(layer), the woman(wife) remains impure also during 40 days. In the end of the period of impurity the woman(wife) will wash herself with the fragrant water and will go(surrender) to the parish for the prayer of sanctification. Lévitique 12 v2-5 < < When a woman(wife) will become pregnant and when she will give birth to a son, she will be impure during seven days; she(it) will be impure as in the time of the menstrual indisposition. The eighth day the child will be circumcised. She(it) will remain another thirty three 33 days to cleanse himself of the blood; she(it) will not get(touch) any holy thing(matter), and she(it) will not go to the sanctuary until the days of the purification are accomplished. > >

During his(its,her) period of impurity the woman(wife) will not touch any holy thing(matter) (candle, flavor encens holy oil, soutane etc. …)


The husband can - he to share his bed with his impure woman(wife)?

Yes. Only before going to the parish, it(he) has to wash himself and pray for the sanctification.

The husband can - he to eat meal prepared by his impure woman(wife)?

Yes. It(he) will sanctify meal by a short prayer as it(he) usually makes him(it) in normal period.

Can the husband have sexual relations with his woman(wife) during his menstrual impurity?

No. It is formally forbidden to have sexual relations with a woman(wife) during his(its,her) period of impurity. Lévitique18 v19 < < You will not approach a woman(wife) during her menstrual impurity to discover the nudity. > >


The Celestial Church of christ encourages marriage, which stays the only legal frame in which sexual relations are authorized. Any relation extra conjugal is forbidden the Church of the heavenly Christianity;

The woman(wife) who has a sexual relation with her husband is impure as well as the husband. 24 hours of sanctification will be needed before going to the parish for the two. The husband who has to go to the altar has to observe 72heures of sanctification.

The man who has a drainage of sperm (or quite other drainage) even without sexual relation is impure. It is as if it(he) had committed the act. It(he) will sanctify in them even conditions as first.
Lévitique15v16 < < the man who will have a pollution will wash all his body in the water, and will be impure till evening …. If a woman(wife) slept with such a man, they will wash both themselves, and will be impure till evening > >

Every man who is reached(affected) with the gonorrhée is impure. It is a stream of blood. During all the duration of the disease it(he) refrains from coming to the parish. It(he) will sanctify when cure will have been medically constaté.lévétique15v2 < < every man who has a gonorrhée is by the same impure. It is because of the gonorrhée that it(he) is impure: that the flesh lets flow its stream, or that it holds(retains) him(it), it(he) is impure. > >

It is forbidden a man to sleep with a woman(wife) during his(its,her) menstrual period. But in case it would occur the man will be also impure during seven days. Lévétique15v24 < < If a man sleeps with her(it) and if the impurity of this woman(wife) comes on it(he) will be impure during seven days. > >

Homosexual relations and sexual relations with animals are forbidden for the heavenly Christians. Lévétique18v22-25 < < you will not sleep with a man as one sleeps with a woman(wife). It is an abomination. You will not sleep with an animal, to get defiled with her(it). The woman(wife) will not approach an animal, to prostitute itself with her(it). It is an abomination. > >


The Bible declares that it is not necessary to consider as impure what God declares pure.
Acts 10v13 à16 and actes11v5 in 10. And Timothée's book goes further(gets more expensive) 1thi4 v4-6 < < Because all that God has creates is good and nothing must be thrown back(rejected) for seen that one takes him(it) with action of graces(favours), because everything is sanctified by God's word and by prayer. > > AND nevertheless in the Church of the heavenly Christianity it is formally forbidden to consume the meat of the Pig under all his alterations.

It(he) is also no smoking or to chew some tobacco, to consume some drug and to drink alcoholic drinks.

For those that evoke these questions with an anti-authority spirit, the minister seer Samuel Biléou Joseph OSHOFFA answered simply if you want to consume this food you are free, but know that you will not be sanctify. If the magicians or the other hostile spirits attacked(affected) you you will be more vulnerable.
So let us say ourselves that if we go to new congregations we conform to the rules(rulers) of these congregations. We do not change the ritual of these assemblies. It is the same there for the Church of the heavenly Christianity. For those that kiss(embrace) our Church they have for their good and their brilliance to respect all these rules. In concerns of information you will be able to hold(retain) these some elements below.


Esaie65 v4à5 said < < which(who) makes sepulchres the house, and crosses(spends) nights in caves, eating of the pulpit of the pig, and having in the vases(muds) of the impure dishes. > >

Jesus ordered at request of the impure spirit to go into a crowd of pourceaux.
Marc5 v2 , 3 - 16.
The magicians transform their human prey into pulpit of pig. What makes that the transmission of the witchcraft makes mostly by the consumption of the meat of the pig.
Historically, in the foundation of the Church in 1947 one ate some meat of the pig until moment or spirit forbids the consumption of this meat.


< < The eternal spoke to Aaron and says: you will not drink either wine, or drink enivrante, you and your threads with you, when you will enter the aunt of summons(assignement), being afraid that you die: It will be a perpetual law among your descendants, so that you can distinguish what is holy, of what is profane, what is impure of what is pure, and to teach the children of Israel all the laws which the Eternal gave to them by Moses. > > Lévitique 10 v8 à11

Ezéchiel 44 21 confirm by the revelations < < No sacrificer will drink some wine when he will enter the internal square > >

Esaïe28 v7 and 8 we signboard(banner) also < < sacrificers and seers waddle(hesitate) in the strong drinks, they are misled with the wine, they are dizzy because of the strong drinks, they waddle(hesitate) by auguring, they vacillate by returning justice > >
You will also be able to read the book of proverb 20verset 1 which condemns the excesses of wine.
Proverb 23 verses 29 - 35 stigmatizes effects pervers of the alcohol consumption.

ST Paul right by us teaches, Ephésien5v18 < < you do not make drunk wine: it is the debauchery. > > It(he) advises on the other hand Timothée to drink a little wine because of the troubles of womb. 1Timothée5v23 < < do not continue, to drink that some water; but make use of a little wine, because of your stomach and of your frequent indispositions. > >

This last passage is used by the ardent supporters of the alcohol to find an alibi for the consumption of the alcohol. The Church of the Christianity Céleste does not forbid the custom(usage) of the medicine, also if the doctor prescribes you a medicine which contains some alcohol or you advice(council) to drink some alcohol for reasons of health, the Church does not oppose to it. But in any thing(matter) let us let act the spirit of God in us. < < Because the works of the flesh are evident. They are debauchery, impurity, disorder, idolization, magic, rivalries, quarrels, jealousies, hostilities, quarrels, divisions, sects, envy(urge), drunkenness, excesses of table, and the similar things. I say to you beforehand, as I have already said it, as those that commit such things will not inherit kingdom of God. > >

As that the Church forbids his(her) members to drink alcoholic drinks and to smoke the tobacco, as she(it) forbids to drink your dinner guests. Habakuk2 V15 < < Misfortune to the one that drinks his(her) fellow man, to you who pay(pour) tone besides and who make drunk him(it), to see his(her) nudity! You will be satisfied with shame more than with glory; wood also yourself, and discovers - you! The cup(cutting) of the right-hand side of the Eternal will turn to you, and ignominy will defile your glory. > >

The only moral rule(ruler) which dominates is common sense. From the moment when you try hard to love your fellow man as yourself, you will not give to him(her) to eat or to drink what you do not eat or drinks yourself.


Under this column we put the common(current) questions which the heavenly Christians put namely :
Why do you walk(do work) bare foot?
Why do you carry(do wear) soutanes?
Why the women cover their head at the time of prayers?
Why do you carry(do wear) crucifixes? Why a candlestick in 7 branches in the altar?
Which is your philosophy of the marriage?
The tithe, has what that serves?

We would try to answer these questions while resting(supporting) us on the Bible.

The christian celeste does not carry(wear) a shoe

The heavenly Christian walks(works) bare foot in the places of prayer and when he prays. When it(he) puts himself in soutane, automatically it(he) removes the shoes. The fundamental reason of this behavior doctrinaire is that the heavenly Christian prays on a holy earth(ground). God comes down(falls) in the place where to call you he(she), would need while you respect the conditions of holiness of the place where the Lord comes down(falls). How he asked Moses to remove the shoes on the holy earth(ground) where he received the tables of the law? Exodus 3 verses 5-6 < < God says: do not approach from here, remove your shoes of your feet, because the place on which you hold is a holy earth(ground) > >
It is considering this divine order that necessarily the heavenly Christian removes the shoes in the parish, to him when he wants to pray, in any place when he is in soutane.

In the Church of the heavenly Christianity the dignitaries who dedicate themselves in a permanent way to the work do not have to carry(wear) any more of civil dress where from they are in a daily way in soutane and so removed the shoes.


When one makes its first steps for the Church of the heavenly Christianity one is a guest then when one becomes regular and when one inhales(sucks up) to pray in the Church, one passes of guest getting on. But guest where getting on one is not still Christian heavenly where from one can not carry(wear) the soutane.

One becomes Christian heavenly when one is baptized in the Church of the heavenly Christianity. From this moment the port(bearing) of the soutane is necessary.
If you were to attend before your baptism, after this first sacrament you become an actor of the Church.

The white soutane symbolizes whiteness of the heart of the one that is holy and chosen by god
Apocalypse 3 verses 4-5 < < however you have to Sardinians some people who did not defile their clothes; they will walk(work) with me in white clothes, because they deserve it.
The one that will win will be so dressed(taken on) in white clothes; I shall not erase the name of the book of life, and I shall confess the name in front of my father and his angels. > >

In the Church of the heavenly Christianity it is the prefiguration of this event revealed to the minister S.B.J Oshoffa who indicates us the port(bearing) of the white soutane. It symbolizes especially the inhalation(pursuit) of the heavenly Christian in the holiness. The other colours of dresses of prayer are hierarchical distinctions which come besides the dress of white prayer.


The woman(wife) has to keep(guard) the covered head when she comes to the parish or when she prays. She(it) has to carry(wear) the mark(brand) of the authority on which she(it) depends because of the angels. And the woman(wife) depends on the man. On the other hand the man does not have to ask the covered head. The authority on which it(he) depends is Christ. The man would dishonor Christ if he asked the covered 1corinth11 head verse 3 < < I want however that you know that the figure of Christ is the leader of every man, that the man is the leader of the woman(wife) and that God is the leader of figure of Christ. Every man who prays or who augurs, the covered head dishonors his leader. Every woman(wife), on the contrary, who prays or augurs the not hoarse head dishonors her leader: it's as if she(it) was shaved ….. The man does not have to cover himself the head because it is the image of the glory of God whereas the woman(wife) is the glory of the man …. > >

Let us remind here that the man does not have to have long hair or carried(worn) with earrings. 1corint 11 verset14 < < very nature she(it) do not teach you that it is a shame for the man to carry(wear) long hair, but that it is a glory for the woman(wife) to carry(wear) it because the head of hair was given to him(her) as veil? > >

On the other hand the people can carry(wear) hats except the places of prayer. Certain dresses of prayers are accompanied by hats three-cornered hats. These hats are carried(worn) exclusively during processions except the temple.


The use of the crucifix with the effigy of the figure of Christ in the Church of the heavenly Christianity is a symbol of our membership and our recognition in the saving mission of the figure of Christ.
We insist on the cross of the figure of Christ with the Hebraic registration INRI which means < < JESUS OF NAZARETH KING OF THE JEWS > >, because Jesus was crucified with two bandits and it is the registration INRI which makes difference between Jesus and the others.

Before the rise of the Christ on the cross, the Bible teaches us that Moses had at request of raised(brought up) God the snake in the desert and whoever was bitten with the snake had to look at this snake to have eternal life. Numbers 21 V8-9 < < Eternal said to Moses: Make an ardent snake and places on a perch; whoever will have been bitten and will look at him(it,her) will keep(preserve) life. Moses made a snake of bronze, and placed it on a perch; and whoever had been bitten with a snake, and looked at the snake of bronze, kept(preserved) life. > >
For some the burning snake was not God's representation, but when Jesus confirms in Jean's 3 verset14 book < < And as Moses raised(brought up) the snake in the desert, it is necessary as well as the son of the man is high, so that whoever believes in him do not die, but that he has eternal life. > > It(he) becomes clear that the cross of the figure of Christ is effectively the symbol of our liberation.

We advise all the heavenly Christians to have at home a cross of the figure of Christ with the registration INRI.


The altar is God's throne. It is the very holy place where lower(go down) God and the angels. It is in this very holy place that Aaron brought the sacrifices of the people to God. It was a place closed with a veil where had access only the only sacrificer until the crucifixion of figure of Christ. Indeed Good Friday at the 9-th hour of day when Jesus went out the sail of the altar was torn. It is to say that henceforth the only intermediary among God and is us the Christ. There is no more a veil(sail) in the altar. Mathieu 27verset 50-51 < < Jesus pushed again a big shout, and returned spirit. And Here we are, the veil of the temple tore in two, since the height jusqu ' below, the earth(ground) trembled, cliffs split. > >

In the Church of the heavenly Christianity the altar is separated by a white band(strip) of the right-hand side towards the left on all the width of the temple.

The altar which is the sanctuary is divided into two parts: the very holy called(mentioned) place the Big altar which is heightened is separated from the small altar by a railing(bars) or quite other material.

The big Altar can be installed(settled) with a table or a wooden building. This building is heightened with the tabernacle which is a small piece of furniture on which is composed the candlestick in 7 branches with in the middle the effigy of the Christ. Apocalypse 1 verse 12 < < I turned around to know which was the voice(vote) which spoke to me. And having returned to me I saw seven golden candlesticks and in the middle of seven candlesticks, somebody who looked like a son of the man dressed in a long dress, and having a golden belt on the breast. > > Inside the tabernacle is kept(preserved) the host and the holy objects.
On the Altar is arranged two flowerpots and a lamp which burns in a permanent way. Exodus 27 verses 1 < < you will make the wooden altar. > > 20 < < You will order the children of Israel to bring for the candlestick of the pure oil of crushed olives, to maintain lamps constantly. It is the perpetual law for their descendants, and that should observe the children Of Israel. > >

The small Altar is installed(settled) with a wooden table on which is composed the candlestick in three branches. Two flowerpots raise extremities before of the altar. There is no lamp on this altar except the candle which is lit in a permanent way.

Two altars give back to the east and face the west. The big Altar or the internal square remains closed six days of weeks. It(he) is opened the 7éme in the daytime on Sunday for(however) two morning cults and in the evening. It(he) is also opened in yard of the cult of the first moon or first Thursday of every month. Ezechiel46verset 1 < < So speaks the Lord the Eternal: The door of the square towards(as for) the east, will remain closed six workdays; But she(it) will be opened the day of the Sabbath, she(it) will be also opened the day of the new moon. > >

Prayers in the Church of the Christianity make in the direction of the east and every heavenly Christian has to pray in front of the east or raised with the sun.


The tithe is the tenth part of your income which you have to give to the Eternal. Historically it is Abraham who gave his(her) tithe to Melchisédech the king of Salem Genése14 17-20.
< < Melchisédech, king of Salem, brought some bread and some wine: he was a sacrificer of the Very high god. He blesses Abram, and says: Blessed is Abram by the God Very - height, … … who delivered your enemies between your hands. And Abram gave him(her) the tithe of everything. > >

It(he) will become so institutional in the churches to pay the tithe to God. Because gold and money(silver) belong to God. The Lord allows us to have these means to live.

In Malachie3 Verset10's book Eternal said < < Bring at home of the treasure all the tithes, so that there is a food in my house; put me so in the test, says the Eternal of the armies. And you will see if I do not open for you the locks of heavens, if I do not spread on you the blessing in abundance. For you I shall threaten the one that wastes(destroys), and it(he) will not destroy(annul) you … … … … All the nations will call to you happy, because you will be a country of delights, called the Eternal of the armies. > >

The Eternal you demand to put him(it) in the test to see if you will not be fill. It(he) promises to defend(forbid) you and to protect you. In the Church of the Christianity Céleste several examples prove us the truthfulness of these words. We invite all the Christians to carry out this harmless but noble gesture and defender for every Christian.
Give freely without constraint as you had decided on him(it) in your heart, because god loves the one that gives with enjoyment. (To read 2corinth 9 6-13)

The Church of the heavenly Christianity is self-financed. It is the set(group) of your tithes gifts(donations) and beg which(who) help in the conversation(maintenance) of the places of the cult and to finance the sacrificers who are in services of cults. Let us take so an active part in the contribution to the development of the work. A regular accounting(accounts department) has at your disposal in the organized well Parishes.

Soon we shall deliver you our educations on the holiday of Harvests and our philosophy of the marriage.

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